45″x80″ Fastfold Screen Rental

45″ X 80″ Fast Fold Projection Screen

This fast fold screen is a great size for a family movie night, a small reception, or any other medium sized event. It is easy to setup and incredibly compact when it is inside its carrying case. This will allow pickup and drop off of the equipment to be as simple as possible. It can be used for both rear projections as well as a front projection which is a great option to have. If you would like to make this projection screen look much more clean, think about adding our drape kit!



Rent a compact, front and rear projection screen in Vancouver

These new fast fold screens are amazing and a perfect look for any event you may have. They break down into three parts that can be assembled quite easily. Additionally, they come in a compact box for easy transport. This makes pickup and drop off much more easy for you. In addition, they support both front and rear projection which can be nice for those who wish to hide the projector.

This particular screen is great for a medium sized audience you may have as it is 80 inches wide.

Portable fast fold projection screen rental for a movie night

This screen is the perfect size for your movie night. It offers a solid size that will amaze your audience but will not be too large that it will fit in any house. In addition, it has a high-reflective screen that will help capture more light from the projector which will give a sharper and brighter picture. This projector screen with a 1080p projector would make for the perfect movie night.

Front and rear projection screen specifications:

  • Screen Size: 45in x 80in (3.75ft x 6.67ft)
  • Diagonal: 92in
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (widescreen)