81″x144″ Fastfold Screen Rental

81″ X 144″ Fast Fold Screen Rental

This screen is meant for larger events. The screen is 144″ wide which will require a larger room, so please ensure that there is the room available. It is perfect for large weddings, receptions, conferences, and all other large events you may have coming up. This is a great screen and will serve your event perfectly. It as well features a very simple set up that will be quick and easy.

For extremely large events, Vancouver Projector Rentals can always set up two projectors and two of these screens to allow the entire audience to see the content. This will make your event even more massive! Feel free to call us at +1 (604) 243 3356 so we can help set up your perfect order for your upcoming event.



Large front and rear projector screen rental for stages in Vancouver

The fast fold screen rental are amazing and a perfect look for any event you may have. They break down into three parts that can be assembled quite easily. Additionally, they come in a compact box for easy transport. This makes pickup and drop off much more easy for you. In addition, they support both front and rear projection which can be nice for those who wish to hide the projector.

This particular projector screen is great for a very large-sized setting as it is 144 inches wide. This makes it ideal for audiences of 80 and above.

Fast fold screen rental with dress kit

Additionally, if you wish to make your upcoming event even greater, considering renting one of our projection screen drape kits. This is a great addition to your rental as it dresses up the projector screen significantly. As well, it is easy to set up and looks incredible at big events such as weddings, conferences, and all other large events.

Front and rear projection screen specification

  • Screen Size: 81in x 144in (6.75ft x 12ft)
  • Diagonal: 165in
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (widescreen)