General Use Projector Rental (Presentations)

The best projector rentals for basic presentations

The General use projector comes with VGA or HDMI Cable + Adaptor Thunderbolt 2 and Power Cable

We have the best projector rental inventory in Vancouver for you. If you have a larger audience, space, or need a better resolution projector please check the 720p high-end rental projector.

All our projector rentals come with a free tripod projection screen!



Looking for a basic PowerPoint projector rental in Vancouver

The general use projector is a great piece of equipment that can serve many purposes and will be perfect for all your basic needs. If you are looking for a projector rental for a basic PowerPoint presentation, that contains mostly text, this General Use projector is perfect. It is used mostly for business meetings or  class presentations.  This projector rental will also work for a small wedding reception slide show if your venue is small. The quality of this projector is fine and will work well if the images and videos don’t require HD or Full HD.

Cheapest Projector and Screen Rental

This is our cheapest projector rental we have and we are proud to be renting the cheapest projector and screen rental in Vancouver. All of our projector rentals include all of the cables and a projection screen. With this projector, we recommend our extra-small, our small, and our medium sized screens.

General Use Projector Rental Specifications

Brightness (Lumens)3500
Contrast Ratio13000:1
Throw Distance (m.)1-11.3 m
Native resolution (pixels)800×600
Max resolution (pixels)1600×1200
Possible Projector Models:PA503S