HDMI Splitter Rental

The best HDMI Splitter rental with 2 outputs

Willing to impress your audience by adding 2 projector and 2 screens at the same presentation? Relax, we have everything you need!

This amazing device allows you to entertain a much larger crowd with ease. The HDMI splitter will enable you to project out of two projectors simultaneously. 

Most of the time, big events require the use of more than one projector and one screen. With this HDMI splitter rental, you will be able to display the same presentation on 2 different screens.

To sum this up, the HDMI Splitter splits one HDMI input signal to two HDMI output signals identical to the original signal. Allowing you to connect to multiple devices that have build-in HDMI ports, such as projectors, computers, HDTV, video games, and etc. from a single source.



Vancouver HDMI Splitter Rental

The HDMI splitter will take any HDMI signal and duplicate the signal, sending the same high definition signal to 2 displays simultaneously. Just connect the HDMI splitter to the adapter and connect the HDMI source with the desired equipment. In addition, the simple plug and play design requires no additional installations or complications. It is so simple, that anyone could set up two projectors in just a few moments.

Compatible with all our Projector Rentals.

Hdmi Splitter Rental Specification

Product TypeHDMI 1×2 Splitter
Interface Type 1 HDMI in,2 HDMI out
Power SupplyDC 5V
Dimension10 X 6.1 X 2.6 cm
Weight0.09 Kg