HDMI Splitter – 4 Output

Take your presentation to the next level with the ability to project the same display on four separate screens simultaneously. This HDMI splitter can do so much for all those events that everyone needs a glimpse of the screen but may not get the chance. An HDMI Splitter is perfect for all those big events and can serve as a perfect solution when the space is getting larger with a lot more people.



HDMI Splitter

If you want to take your presentation the extra step, this will impress your audience. This HDMI splitter allows up to four screens to display the same content simultaneously. This can be used for a wide variety of events such as big weddings, electronic sports matches, and everything in between.

Most of the time, big events require the use of more than one projector and one screen. With this HDMI splitter rental, you will be able to display the same presentation on up to four different screens.

An HDMI Splitter splits one HDMI input signal to multiple HDMI output signals identical to the original signal. Allowing you to connect HDMI devices that have build-in HDMI ports, such as projectors, computers, HDTV, video games and etc.


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