Short Throw 1080p Projector

Rent the Best Short Throw Projector

The Short throw Projector rental is one of the most versatile projectors that has so many great advantages. First, since the projector is a short throw, the projector can be incredibly close to the screen which saves space or allows the projector to be somewhere it normally could not. It can as well project in 1080p resolution which is high-definition and will give a beautiful picture for you and your audience.

This projector will be great for watching everything where HD is necessary such as sports, movies, and TV shows.

This projector comes with everything you need to get started: Power cable, HDMI cable, Thunderbolt 2 adapter, and a FREE Large portable projection screen (80”x80”) – optional



Best projector rental for small spaces to place projector and screen (Close Range)

This projector is capable of creating large images from a close range. We recommend it for small rooms and presentation setups where the presenter does not want to stand in between the screen and the projector. This type of projector can be very close to the screen (starting at approximately 1m).

Dim the lights and grab some popcorn, this projector will take your favorite movies, shows, and live sporting events to the next level. They’re perfect for small conference rooms, or any area where you want a projector but don’t have space to properly position a full-sized one.

The short throw projector comes with 1080p Full HD resolution. It is great for watching Full HD movies, Full HD television like sports events and playing video games. It is also commonly used for presentations that contain a lot of high-quality images and/or videos. This projector is the best option If you are is looking to use the projector and screen for a bigger audience and no space.

All of our rental projectors come with a free tripod projection screen!

Short Throw Projector Rental Specifications

Brightness (Lumens)2200 – 3000
Contrast Ratio10000-15000:1
Throw Distance (m.)(65″-93″@ 1m)
Native Resolution (Pixels)1280×800 and 1920×1080
Max Resolution (Pixels)1600×1200 and 1920×1080
Possible Projector ModelsBenQ HT1085ST