Pro Grade 1080p High Lumen Projector

The best projector rental for bright venues

This selection of pro grade project has an average of 5000 lumens brightness, they put up a stunning 1920×1080 image that shrugs off ambient light.

It may be too bright for darkened home theater rooms, but when it comes to daytime viewing in sun-splashed rooms, they perform beautifully.

As expected, shadow details can be compromised by high ambient light, but the high brightness from high lumen projectors make for effective contrast and good highlight definition.

This projector, just like all of our other projector rentals, has all of the necessary cables/adapters included.



The brightest projector rental for events

The High-Lumen Projector Rental is the brightest projector model that we offer. It can boast up to 5000 lumens which is extremely powerful for a personal projector rental. This projector rental is perfect for larger events where you wish to have our larger screen rentals. This will allow the screen to be brightly lit up with your content. This projector as well is recommended for outdoor events such as weddings and movie nights. The brighter projector will help make the projection easier to see for everyone. Also, this projector has a 1080p display which makes it a high-definition projector which will show everything with a much better picture on top of being brighter.

In addition, this projector is incredibly easy to set up. It does not require any additional expertise than one of our general-use projectors. It will be a very simple set up and this projector rental can be used with our extra-large screen and our fast fold screen rentals.

Please give us a call to ask any questions you may have or for more information about this projector rental.

Pro Grade 1080p High Lumen Projector Rental Specification

Brightness (lumens)4500 – 5000
Contrast Ratio10,000:1
Throw Distance (m.)1.5 – 9.2 m
Throw Ratio (D:W)1.40:1 – 2.10:1
Native resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Possible Projector Models:BenQ SH910

BenQ MH760

Optoma EH 500

ViewSonic PG800HD