45″x80″ Dress up Projection Screen Kit Rental

45″ X 80″ Fast Fold Projection Screen Drape Kit

This dress up kit is a great setup that will elevate your event, be it a conference, wedding, or other more formal event. It looks great and hides some of the features of a projector screen that some people may find undesirable. It is relatively easy to setup and it helps highlight the content of whatever is on the screen. This drape kit is designed to work with our 45″ X 80″ Fast Fold Screen Rental.



Rent a dress up kit for your front or rear projection screen rental in Vancouver

A dress up kit is a great way to elevate the overall look and delivery of a presentation or movie. It is a great system that’s relatively easy to setup and it is very effective to make your event great. If you ever wish for a smaller setup than this, please check out our screen skirt rentals.

This is a great way to hide the projector screen legs and feet. In addition, it just makes your screen look much cleaner and will highlight the content. This is great for larger events or more professional events such as weddings, conferences, and all other professional meetings. It is incredibly simple to set up and will instantly make your presentation look better.