If you intend to rent a projector, but you still have some questions our Projector Rental Rate Table below gives a great overview.

For more information about each projector’s specifications, please refer to the page Projector Specifications, where you can find a detailed comparison of all technical aspects such as Lumens, Contrast Ratio, Resolution, Throw Ratio and their explanation.

Learn more about Cables and Adapters that you may need in our Cables and Adapters Guide.

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Audience (people)

Small Room*

PowerPoint: mostly text

PowerPoint: text & graphics


High Quality Image

Ambient Light*


           General Use



Best Price




Best Value

Full HD 1080p


100 - 200

Short Throw - Full HD


100 - 200

Pro - High Lumen


100 - 250



100 - 200

         not bad Not Bad - 1 Star              enough Enough - 2 Stars              good Good - 3 Stars              great Great - 4 Stars              perfect Perfect - 5 stars

*Small Room: For a small room, or little space between the projector and screen, we recommend the short throw projector. This projector is capable of creating large images from a close range. Find more detailed information about distances on our Projector Specifications page in the “Throw Distance – Short” section.

*Ambient light: For places with strong ambient light such as indoor with strong spotlight light (exhibition centre), presentation stage or outdoors, we would recommend renting a high lumen projector. However, if you are in a regular office, or room inside a house all the projectors we offer should be able to cover your needs.