8′ Tall Pipe & Drape Rental

Rent Pipe and Drape from Vancouver Projector Rentals

  • Portable pipe and drape kit contains all the hardware and fabric needed
  • Covers 8ft in height
  • Pipe and drape components break down for easy transport and storage
  • Fits under 8ft ceilings and no tools required
  • $5 per foot (length)



Pipe and Drape Rental in Vancouver

If you are hosting an event in Vancouver, the pipe and drape rental will be a great addition to your event. A professional grade decoration drapes to perfectly pull together any theme and transform any event room into a setting for parties, special occasions, or business events. The pipe and drape can be used for many other purposes such as a changing room backstage at a play. The background drape serves many purposes and can make any event have an extra bit of class.

Why do I need to rent a pipe & drape

The purpose of pipe and drape on a stage is to narrow the attention, you are trying to take away all distractions from your audience and help your presenter stand out. Renting a pipe and drape serves this purpose perfectly. An example of this may be in rooms that have textured wallpaper or a venue that has distracting pieces. So, if you wish to have all attention directed on the person speaking or whatever the subject may be. The point is, is to have all the attention on that.

Pipe & Drape + Lighting packages

You commonly see uplights being used with pipe and drape. This is another step to enhancing your event and engage your audience with a background drape. It is a very effective way to decorate stages, reception or the whole room. While also using lights and colours to enforce branding of your event.