2 Wireless Handheld Microphones

The wireless microphones will enhance your presentation by providing a better experience for your audience. You will be able to project your voice much more clearly and will make your event look much more professional letting the speakers do the work instead of having to raise your voice.

Being wireless you are free to walk around and share ideas. You have the freedom to explore the room and engage with your audience much better.

This set consists of 2 wireless microphones allowing more than one person use them together, providing maximum mobility. These microphone rentals can be paired up with any of our speaker rentals.



Two wireless handheld microphone rentals in Vancouver

The set of two handheld wireless microphones is the perfect rental for all types of events such as weddings, conferences, and large parties. They are a great rental and having two is always great to have. Having two microphones makes it much easier during speeches as you have no need to hand off microphones. This makes the flow of speaking much more natural and not nearly as choppy.

They will make any event much smoother and they are perfect for any big event. So, if you ever need to rent more microphones, let us know and we will be able to set up 16 microphones if need be for even larger events.

Wireless Mic and speaker rentals

For the microphones to work there must be some form of speaker system in place for the microphones to be plugged into. Please look at our selection of speakers. Our microphones are compatible with the small speaker, big speaker, and event/outdoor speaker. However, the microphones can be plugged into pre-installed sound systems of venues. Just let us know ahead of time what cords/adapters will be necessary.