Wired Microphone

Wired microphones are great if you are looking a more reliable and simple to set up microphone. They look just as classy and if you do not mind the cord, they do sound great. The wired microphone is also a great backup microphone in the worst case possibility that there are issues with the wireless microphones.

This wired microphone is designed for optimum reproduction of vocals in performance and public address applications, it produces a great and clean sound also easy setup. Don’t forget to check our microphone stands:



Rent wired microphone to your presentation

You can not get much more classic than having a wired microphone. Wireless microphones are great but every once in a while it is great to rent the wired microphones. They require absolutely no set up other than plugging a cord into a speaker/sound-system. This is a wonderful rental for those that are less technically savvy.

In addition, a wired microphone rental is great for having a backup. If the wireless microphone has any issue at all, a wired microphone will always work. For the incredibly important events you may have coming up, get this rental and you will cover every possible issue.

The cheapest microphone and speaker rental in Vancouver for small events

The wired microphone is great. It pairs perfectly with all of our speakers and for the events that you wish to have simple set ups, such as a small business meeting, this microphone with either the small or big speaker is perfect!

Microphone and stand rental

This microphone, along with all of our other handheld microphone rentals, is perfect with our microphone stand rental. If you want to make the event look a little more professional, consider renting the mic stand to get the ideal set up.