2 Wireless Clip-on, Headset Microphones

This is a perfect set if you are hosting an event that you need 2 wireless clip-on or headset microphones. They are normally used when the presenter needs to have free hands. The set includes two body-pack transmitters with two headsets or two clip-on/lavalier microphones.

They are simple to setup and provide excellent sound reproduction. This convenient wireless clip-on/headset microphone will make your presentations even more complete and will free your hands from having to hold a microphone.



Wireless microphone rental in Vancouver

Not everyone loves having to hold microphones throughout a presentation. This is where these microphones are perfect. The set of two wireless handheld microphone rentals is awesome for upcoming conferences, weddings, and other large events. In addition, these microphones can always be paired with other microphone sets, in case handheld microphones are as well, wanted.

Rent wireless headset microphone

This rental will be great and with a set of speakers, you will be good to go. As well, this set includes a headset option. The headset allows the mic to be placed right in front of the speakers mouth. This helps create a much more clear microphone connection.

Rent wireless clip-on microphone

Additionally, there is a clip-on option. The clip-on option allows the user to have the microphone pinned to the speakers shirt. This is favorable for people who wish to have less invasive microphones.