Subwoofer Rental

This subwoofer rental is the perfect addition for any speaker rental that will shine in an event setting. This will add volume and the much-needed base that everyone loves to feel and hear in their favorite song. This powered subwoofer is a necessity for the event you hope to have.



Powered Subwoofer rental for parties or any event in Vancouver

If you have a party coming up, this powered subwoofer rental will elevate your event to a higher level. Subwoofers are great at enhancing your sound experience as they increase your system’s bass, a great addition to any party or event. A sub-woofer will increase the volume of a speaker system and make it feel like a concert at your venue.

This particular subwoofer is incredibly easy to set up and connects perfectly with our other speaker rentals. Our powered subwoofer speaker is a great addition to weddings, house parties, or any other celebration.

Rent a subwoofer for DJ and pro audio applications

You will be glad you rented this speaker when you hear the audio quality of our subwoofer. It brings premium sound in a gig-ready portable PA system, precise reproduction of ultra-low frequencies for ‘bulletproof’ punch and impact, and precision control to adjust the balance between the subwoofer and full-range speakers. The powered subwoofer features balanced XLR inputs and outputs, as well as balanced XLR Thru jacks for connecting additional enclosures.