Microphone Stand

This rental is perfect for all large events as it will look much more professional and free up your hands from holding the microphone. If you need to use a microphone for conferences, presentations, or shows, this microphone stand will help the presenter to hold the microphone in place. If you are renting a wired microphone the stand will also keep the cable organized.

The cost of this stand does not include the microphone.



Microphone Stand rental in Vancouver

The microphone stand rental is a perfect to go with all of our handheld microphone rentals. It is also located conveniently in Downtown Vancouver for easy pickup. In addition, this mic stand looks incredibly professional and will help in any big event. This includes such things as weddings, conferences, or possibly even karaoke. This rental with a speaker and microphone and you will be good to go.

Rent wired or wireless mic and stand

This mic stand is perfect for all of our microphone rentals. This includes both wired and wireless. Wireless microphones are incredibly simple as they only require to be turned on and you will be good to go. However, wired microphones would not take much longer and this mic stand has clips along it to hold the wire in place for the speaker.