Single Wireless Handheld Microphone Rental

The single wireless microphone rental is perfect for all events as it is so easy to set up and works perfectly with all of our speakers. From home karaoke to conferences, from stage performance to weddings, this multi-channels single wireless microphone will impress your audience.

Get mobility and freedom of movement during energetic and active performances with this wireless microphone. It has up to 50ft operation distance. Built with Bluetooth receiver technology, you will be able to connect to various Bluetooth enabled devices. Use it with speakers, amplifiers, sound bars and phones.



The best wireless mic rental price in Vancouver

The single wireless microphone rental is a perfect rental for all events. It has so many applications. It’s receiver very simply plugs into the back of the speaker. Additionally, it can make any event more professional as it always looks great using a microphone instead. This microphone is compatible with every one of our speakers and microphone stands.

A single wireless microphone is a great addition to just about any event. Our microphones have a range of up to 50 feet which gives all users the mobility that we all love to have.

These are perfect for weddings, conferences, training sessions, general meetings, or even just to bring a little more volume to a business presentation. It is a great tool that allows users to enhance many different events and bring a personal touch.

It’s perfect for karaoke parties. Give everyone a chance to sing or present and have a good time by allowing the cordless microphone to float around. Simply connect it to your phone or a set of speakers and sing along!

Rent speakers and mic for wedding

This microphone is perfect for a wedding or wedding reception. It is incredibly simple to set up to the point that anyone can do it. All of our speakers are compatible with this microphone and it will be an amazing set up in a matter of minutes. The wireless microphone allows the freedom to roam around and not be confined by a cord. It is a great and professional looking microphone that will look amazing and get the job done perfectly.

Single wireless mic specifications

Working channel10 channels
Range50 feet
Wireless-BT effective range25+ feet
Power SupplyReceiver–built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
BatteryAA battery included