Speaker Stand

This speaker stand will help you to provide a better quality of sound for your event. It is an incredible rental that makes one speaker have the volume of two speakers with the enhanced height. When you place the speakers higher the audio is able to reach everybody in your audience including people at the back. Otherwise, you may lose some volume if you keep them on the floor.

It is a great addition to your package and it will enhance your presentation. It can support all size of speaker we have including:



Speaker Stand Rental in Vancouver

The speaker stand rental is perfect. It is designed to elevate a speaker into the air and set the speakers at perfect ear height. The perk of this is that it projects sound directly at the ideal height instead of projecting the noise at your audiences feet. Additionally, the speaker stand is incredibly easy to stand up and has many safety features that safely secure the speaker.

Elevate your sound system renting a speaker tripod

If you event is big with many people or in a large space, this product is perfect for you. This is because this speaker stand raises up your speaker to help project the noise further and much more clear. This will help you enjoy vibrant and good quality sound that can be heard across your venue. Therefore, we always recommend this speaker stand and we know it will help the sound quality and volume significantly at your next event.

For either small or big events, the speaker stand can always be used and help make your audience hear better. No matter what, the speaker stand will greatly help the speaker to deliver your music or message loud and clear.

We are currently offering the following speakers that will enhance your presentation: