DI Box Rental

A necessary addition for any events that will have elaborate audio equipment setups. This will help make your event setup much more simple and will ensure that sound quality will be perfect. This powerful device is great and what you need to get the best sound possible. the DI box converts ¼ – inch TRS unbalanced, 50k Ω to a  XLR male balanced, 600 Ω



DI Box Rental for connecting laptop or projector to a speaker

DI boxes are a great piece of equipment that is crucial for big events that will have elaborate audio equipment setups that will ensure noise quality is perfect. A DI box is designed for one thing and that is to create a perfect sound coming from a speaker. A DI box creates a break between a device and a speaker through an internal magnetic system to convert an unbalanced wire, such as an auxiliary cord or TRS cable, to a superior balanced XLR cable. To be simple, it converts an unreliable cable that is prone to having poor audio quality, especially at higher levels of volume, to the most trusted audio cable.

This simple conversion will allow you to have speakers much more spread out from one another and have a device much further from a speaker than is usually recommended. In addition, it is incredibly simple to setup and will ensure that no matter what you’re using your speaker for, the sound quality will be perfect.

DI Box Rental Specifications

Frequency Response10Hz -50kHz, +/-.5dB @ +4dBu
Total Harmonic Distortion.01% Typical @ 1kHz, +18dBu, <.05% @ 100Hz, +18dBu
Input Connections¼ – inch TRS unbalanced, 50k Ω
Output ConnectionsXLR male balanced, 600 Ω
Output PhaseSwitchable, Normal/Invert
Ground LiftSwitchable, fully isolates inputs from chassis and output
Input AttenuationSwitchable, (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
Filter Type / ResponseSwitchable, Low Pass, -3dB @30kHz
Dimensions1.75″H x 4.2″D x 3.5″W (44.5mm x 107mm x 89mm)
Weight0.75 lbs (0.35 kg)