Wireless Handheld and Lapel Microphones

This set comes with one wireless handheld microphone and one clip-on/lavalier microphone, you also can substitute the clip-on for a headset mic if you would prefer. This combination set is very niche, but for the right person, it is extremely useful for such things as Q&A at a conference. The headset microphone makes things easier as it frees up both hands to help better explain your point. The handheld on the other hand help make it easier to hand the microphone off to another person much quicker.

Working together, these wireless microphones create a great and clean sound. They are completely compatible with all our speaker rentals as well, making them the perfect rental to get with these microphones.



Wireless microphone rental for events in Vancouver

The wireless microphone combo is an amazing set up for an event. It allows for freedom of getting to use both the handheld and lavalier microphones. There are pros and cons to both of these microphones which is great. In addition to you having the freedom of choosing between the two microphones, it sets up for the perfect niche event. An example of this could be a conference wit Q&A where the presenter can have the headset but the audience can pass around a handheld microphone.

Rent lav mic and speaker for your event

The lavalier microphone and handheld combination is completely compatible with all of our speaker rentals. They are extremely easy to set up and will take just a few short minutes to set up. In addition, this microphone rental can be paired with other microphone rentals in the case that you wish to have more than just the 2 different microphones.