Mixing Board Rental

Using 2 or more microphones into a speaker system? It is not a problem at all, you can merge and manage all your audio signals in an easy and intuitive manner with this compact mixer desk. A mixing board (also known as a mixing desk, mixing console, desk or console) is the heart of your audio system, providing audio inputs and outputs, routing capabilities and more.

No matter what your audio mixer rental needs are, this 12 channel mixing board rental is equally suited for studio or live use. Add this incredible versatile soundboard mixer to your microphone and speaker rental for your performances and impress your audience even more!



Mixing board rental In Vancouver

The mixing board rental is a great rental for various reasons. This can include for DJ’s, massive audio setups, and all other complex AV setups. This organizes many cords into one simple mixing board that any amateur can understand. It is incredibly easy to set up and we can help show anyone how to set up their equipment for their large event. You can always contact Vancouver Projector Rentals about hiring a technician to help set everything up for you as well.

This compact mixing board includes 12 inputs, 4 high-quality mic preamps, a 60mm logarithmic-taper master fader, and a multi-FX processor, and with all connections and controls easily reachable on the top of the unit. It is ideal for a wide variety of mix and recording applications, from small-stage gigs to home-studios, mid-size corporate events, and much more.

Aside from being quick to set up and operate this mixer will deliver clear and natural sound.

Mixing board specifications:

4 Mic inputs with 48 Volt phantom power, 3-Band EQ and peak LEDs
4 Stereo inputs
1 Post-fader AUX
2 Track input and output
Master Fader
Dimensions (H x W x D) 47/37 x 242 x 220 mm
Weight  4.6 lb