Stage Platform Rental

The Stage Platform Rental is a great and simple stage rental that anyone can set up themselves. We recommend this product for big rentals coming up such as weddings, conferences, or any other big event. This rental we always recommend with some lighting rentals or truss rentals to help highlight the people on stage even more or to add to the atmosphere around. Let us know about your next event and we will help you create the perfect rental package to help your perfect event become a reality.



Vancouver Stage Platform Rental

Our portable stage platform rental is perfect for all of your big events coming up. A stage platform rental can be used for weddings, conferences, or any other big event. In addition, it can be used for stage props to add some elevation to a play, music, or any other performance. As well, the stage rental pieces can be connected to one another to create a larger stage platform for the event.

Additionally, we recommend using our stage rental equipment with our many different truss and stage lighting rentals. This can create an incredibly unique and spectacular atmosphere for the event or to highlight the stage even more. Vancouver Projector Rentals has speaker and microphone rentals so we can offer a full audio-visual conference package for you. We are a one-stop shop in the heart of Vancouver.

Rent a portable stage for events

Stage rental for weddings

Stages at weddings are a staple. They increase the elevation and adds a vertical dimension to the venue. It allows a band to be up and able to more easy to see as well as keeps people from over running the bands space. This can be great for a band and some bands insist that there is a stage for them to play the event. Another great perk to renting a stage is that it offers more attention to a speaker. When someone is speaking, it can be more difficult to sit and listen when you cannot see the speaker. Overall, it will add so much to your wedding and help make it the wedding of your dreams.

Stage rental for conferences and business presentations

Similar to weddings, conferences have a lot to benefit when opting in to rent a stage. This will allow to add some height to the sea of tables and give a focal point that everyone can see. It gives more emphasis and makes the center of attention in one area. This increased height will allow for more people to see and pay closer attention to the speaker. A stage rental is incredibly important and will benefit your conference immensely.