Stage Wheelchair Ramp Rental

The wheelchair ramp rental is a great piece of equipment for large events that involve a stage. It allows anyone to come up on the stage that may need to and is a great addition when wanting to cover all bases. Our ramp complies with regulation slope so it is completely safe as well.



Wheelchair Ramp for Event Stage Rentals in Vancouver

The wheelchair ramp is a great rental if it is necessary or if you just want to be safe. The wheelchair ramp is completely compatible with all stage rentals that we offer. This is perfect for convocations, conferences, or any other large events in which some attendees may require the ramp. It is incredibly easy to put together and will make your stage all that much better, especially for those that would require it.

The ramp itself complies with Canadian regulations as far as the slope of the ramp goes. This makes our stage wheelchair ramp rental safe for all those that will use it.

If you have any more questions about this rental, please call us a +1 (604) 243 3356.