O Lighting Clamp Rental

This O-Clamp is the perfect clamp for all lighting equipment. It is incredibly secure and will hold of our lights safely and securely. It does not require much effort to use and once it is set up, it is incredibly safe for the equipment and everyone as well. The clamp can clamp onto any of our truss’s that we supply and will be perfect for your next large event.



Lighting O-Clamp Rental

The lighting o-clamp rental is a versatile piece of equipment that is highly useful for a truss rental. Additionally, they are incredibly simple to use. They have 2 different sizes that can be interchanged. These can be swapped depending on thickness of the bar they are being attached to. After the correct size has been chosen, simply bolt the light to the clamp. Finally secure the clamp to the desired location on the truss.

After all of this has been completed, you are done and you can feel relieved that the lights are safely secured to the truss. For additional safety, consider using our safety cable as well.

O-Clamp Rental Specifications

  • Clamp Dimensions: 4x3x4in
  • Weight: 8ounces
  • Color: Black