C-Light Clamp Rental

The C-Clamp rental is a great rental for securing equipment to a truss. It can secure the light anywhere on the truss by simply threading the clamp. It is a highly safe and secure clamp that will put your mind at ease knowing that all your lights are safely secured to the truss. This clamp requires little skill or knowledge to use and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is highly safe and secure and it will be perfect for your event.



Rent a C-Light Clamp to secure your stage lights when hanged

This C-Clamp truss is a great piece of equipment that will safely and securely attach lights to our truss’s. As well, it is incredibly easy to set up. First, you use a bolt to secure the light to the clamp. After that, secure the clamp to the truss by tightening the threaded bolt until it is tight. Once this has been done, the light is secured to the truss and you are finished.

For additional safety, please consider our safety cable rental as well.

C-Light Clamp Specifications

  • Fits up to 1.75″ truss or pipe
  • Net Weight: 0.45kgs / .99lbs.
  • Max Load: 50kgs.
  • Size: 130 x 70mm.