4ft Steel Protection Cable for Stage Lights

As the name implies, this is a safety cable. For any equipment that you plan to hang from a Truss, Vancouver Projector Rentals requires that you rent this fail safe cable. The cable is designed to catch equipment that may not be secured properly or just to take better precautions.

There is nothing ever wrong with being safer than less and at Vancouver Projector Rentals, you or your clients safety is our number one concern. This cable is incredibly easy to set up to the equipment and will instantly make everything much safer for you or for your customers.

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Rent a 4ft Steel Protection Cable for Stage Lights

To set up the safety cable is quite simple. First, you must mount the light, speaker, or whatever to the truss system. This can be done with an anchor, clamp or something else depending on which piece of equipment it is . After this, you will simply have the safety cable run through a hole or handle that is a part of the equipment. Once this is done, the cable will be threaded through the truss. Finally, both ends of the cable will be secured to one another using a shackle.

This process will need to completed for every piece of equipment that is up attached to the truss. This will ensure safety for everyone that will interact with your display which will bring a huge amount of relief.