Black Stage Skirt Rental



Rent a Stage Skirt in Vancouver

Stage skirts are an important rental for the events that matter most and you need everything looking perfect. The stage skirt rental serves many functions and one of its most important roles is concealing undesirable sights. It will hide the legs of a stage along with all the wires and other things that may be under the stage. In addition, the stage skirt will just make the stage look more classy and professional. This may not always be a priority, but for the big days, such as a wedding or a conference, this will give an edge.

Looking professional means the most and when giving professional speeches, you want all eyes on you, instead of looking under the stage. Overall, it is a great rental that will tie together and make any setting with a stage look better.

How to attach a Stage Skirting to a Stage Platform

The stage skirt rental is incredibly easy to install as well. It has Velcro all along the top of the skirt that will be placed along the side of the stage with the corresponding Velcro. It can all be installed and set up in a matter of minutes.

Stage Skirt Specifications

  • Rented per foot.
  • For all stage heights up to 36in / 3ft.