TV Stand Rental

This TV stand is perfect for all events and all of our TV rentals which are all compatible to mount on this stand. It is a great height and the wheel attached to the stand makes this an easily maneuverable piece of equipment that will give you a perfect setup for any event. The stands wheels also feature a locking mechanism which allows the wheels to lock and keep the stand in one place. We always recommend this stand when renting a television as it makes the whole setup look more professional and gives the TV much better looking dedicated position.



TV stand rental for events in Vancouver

This TV stand rental will be perfect for any event that may be coming up. this can include business presentations, a wedding reception, or pretty much anything else. The sky is the limit and there are so many ways this can be used. In addition, this stand works perfectly with any of our televisions rentals from 43″ to 75″ TVs up to 132 lbs. This stand is a great height and has wheels attached to the bottom. So, this makes moving the stand around perfectly easy. Additionally, the wheels all have a locking mechanism as well to ensure that the stand will safely stay put in one fixed position/place.

Lastly, the stand features a small shelf area roughly midway up the TV stand which is a perfect place to put a laptop or any device that will be plugged into the television. This will give any setup that you wish to do look clean and simple.

TV and Stand Rental in Vancouver

Vancouver Projector Rentals has 3 different sizes of TV’s. This includes 43″, 55″, and 75″. They are all incredibly powerful smart 4k TV’s tat are compatible with all devices. This TV stand is a great addition for any TV rental and if you have any more questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at 778-786-3480.

TV Stand Rental Specifications:

  • Universal Tv Cart on Wheels: Rolling TV cart fit for most of 32-65″ TVs up to 132 lbs
  • Stand adjustable height: 32″ – 66.9″
  • AV Shelf size: 11.5″x19.1″
  • AV Shelf height: 20″ – 28″