75″ 4K TV Rental

The 75″ TV rental is our Top-quality option for your event. It’s perfect for all kinds of events such as trade show booths, conferences, exhibitions, gaming competitions, and receptions. This TV will provide video-presentation with a crisp resolution, wide high-quality and lifelike visual, colour vibrancy with powerful performance and a modern touch. Rent this TV with our speakers and microphone packages and take your event to the next level.


Contact us to book this package - 778 786 3480 or info@vancouverprojectorrentals.com
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The Top quality 75” 4K TV rental in Vancouver for your event

The 75″ 4K TV rental is perfect for trade show booths, wedding and business receptions, small meetings/conferences, gaming events, as well as exhibition events with an audience of approximately 100 people per equipment. The 75” 4K TV gives a lifelike visual to your video-presentation, and the high-resolution and vibrant colour will provide your event with a breath-taking experience.


TV 75″ 4K rental specifications

Maximum Resolution: 3480x 2160, 4K UHD

Aspect Ratio: 16×9

Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 4,000,000:1

Refresh Panel Rate: 120Hz

Inputs: VGA & HDMI

Stand: Not included