3/4in Anchor Shackle

This rental is integral to the safety of securing equipment to the trussing system. This shackle will be used for several purposes. The main one is that the anchors are used to secure both ends of the safety cable. This will make sure that the safety cable is secure and that if the safety cable is needed, it will catch whatever is not properly secure. The anchor can as well be used to attach various pieces of cabling to one another or to tie off one end so that the cable is secured to the trussing system.

It is a necessary piece of equipment that will ensure an easy set up as well increase the safety of all equipment and people.



Rent a 3/4″ Anchor Shackle for Stage Light Truss Rentals

The shackle is an incredibly easy piece of equipment to use. All that is required is to unpin the shackle and insert the cable loops that you wish to shackle. After this, simply close the shackle Additionally, all of our shackles will have some form of locking mechanism. Some will have threads, others will have pins. No matter what though, this shackle is necessary for both setting up the equipment and the safety of everyone.