We provide technical audio visual solutions with onsite support, including a professional sound system and crew for public speeches and large crowd entertainment in Abbotsford.

Audio Equipment for Rent in Abbotsford

Small Speaker Rental – $35

Want to spice up your event? This small and powerful speaker will make your event incredible.

LyxPro SPA-8 Small is perfect for churches, small parties, schools, classrooms, gyms, corporate meetings & presentations 

It contains a powerful 100W Active PA System at a mere 14 pounds, compact size 14” H x 9.25” W x 8″ D

It is also compatible with wireless microphones.

Small Speaker Rental
Big Speaker Rental

Big Speaker Rental – $35

This magnificent speaker powerful, portable, and versatile.

LyxPro SPA12BAT delivers rich and powerful audio from a variety of sources. The speaker contains a 4-hour rechargeable battery and built-in handle and rolling wheels making it the best portable speaker for your event.

This speaker is suited for all types of events including weddings, meetings, movie nights, outdoor events, you name it!

It is also compatible with wireless microphones.

You can also check ou Event and Outdoor Speakers recommended for outdoor and big events in Abbotsford.

Event and Outdoor Speaker Rental – $45

This Event and Outdoor Speaker will dazzle you & your guests with its audio quality.

This speaker is powerful! It provides clear audio and extremely high output levels. This speaker is great for birthday parties, weddings, convocations and many other events. Whether you are using it for a speech or music performance, the Lyx SPA-15 rings loud and clear, reaching to the farthest corners of any venue.

It is also compatible with our wireless microphones.

Event and Outdoor Speaker Rental
Wireless Mic Rental

2 Wireless Handheld Mic Rental – $15

The wireless microphones will enhance your presentation by providing a better experience for your audience.

Being wireless means you are free to walk around and share ideas.

This set consists of 2 wireless microphones allowing more than one person to use them together, providing maximum mobility.

This can be paired with either portable speakers.

2 Wireless Clip-on or Headset Microphones Rental – $15

This is a perfect set if you are hosting an event that requires 2 wireless clip-on or headset microphones.

These microphones are normally used when the presenter needs to have free hands. The set includes two body-pack transmitters with two headsets or two clip-on/ lavalier microphones.

They are simple to set up and provide excellent sound reproduction.

Lavalier clip-on or headset mic rental
Lavalier clip on or handheld mic rental

Wireless Handheld and Clip-on Microphone Rental – $15

This set comes with one wireless handheld microphone and one clip-on/ lavalier microphone, you can also substitute the clip-on for a headset mic.

Working together these wireless microphones create great, clean sound.

Microphone Stand Rental – $10

If you need to use a microphone for conferences, presentations or shows this microphone stand will help the presenter to hold the microphone in place, if you are renting a wired microphone the stand will also keep the cables organized.

The cost does not include the microphone.

Microphone Stand Rental
Desktop Microphone Stand

Desktop Microphone Stand Rental – $10

When you are using a microphone it is always nice to use a microphone stand. This desktop microphone stand is great for using with a podium, in conferences with a discussion panel or if you want to place it on a table.

This desktop microphone stand is an upgrade to the standard desk stands with an adjustable-height shaft.

The cost does not include the microphone.