68″x120″ Dress up Projection Screen Kit Rental

68″ X 120″ Projection Screen Drape Kit

This screen dress up kit will elevate your upcoming event and make your projection look even more professional and clean cut. This drape kit is designed to go with our 68″ X 120″ projection screen rental. It will look amazing and with a screen designed for bigger events such as weddings and conferences, it is always a good idea to consider dressing up the screen.



A more formal look for the Fast Fold Screens

Fast fold screens look absolutely spectacular. They are as well much larger and can be used for bigger events with larger audiences. This can include conferences, weddings, and other large celebrations. Therefore, if you ever wish to have a more professional look for this upcoming event, consider renting our drape kit. It looks absolutely amazing and will give your presentation or slideshow a more clean look. In addition, it is incredibly simple to set up.