Small Projection Screen

When space is a concern, this small projection screen rental is the perfect solution. It will fit in small rooms and will provide enough of a display for comfortable viewing for a group of up to 30 people. It can be easily set up and adjusted to different aspect ratios to fit your needs. It is a very affordable sized screen and it being small, it is easy to transport.



Rent a Portable and retractable projection screen in Vancouver

This projector screen rental is the perfect choice when space is limited for the projection screen. This screen is our small size but with an 85″ diagonal display size, it is anything but small. It is all self-contained and sits on its own tripod. It will fit in most cars without needing to fold the back seat. The perfect rental choice for groups of up to 20 people. If you are looking for something larger, see our medium rental projection screen or go big.

Projection screen rental for small presentations

This projection screen is perfect for small presentations. These can be business presentations, celebrations of life, and all other events that have small to medium audiences. For this particular projector screen, an audience of 20-30 would be an ideal size.

Small projection screen specifications:

Screen Width x Height (in.)60 x 60
Diagonal (in.)85