“Sunday” Movie Night Package

Great AV setup for the outdoor/indoor movie night you hope to have. Share the memory of a drive-in movie theatre this year with a projector movie experience. This Full HD outdoor movie projector and the large outdoor movie screen will give an amazing display that will look perfect in a large room in your backyard. The package also includes a speaker for an enhanced audio experience to make the full movie experience that much better.

Movie projector package includes:

  • 1080p Projector with 5000 Lumens
  • Large Screen (80″x80″)
  • Outdoor and Event Speaker



Movie projector rental with a speaker for parties

This is the dream projector rental package for those important movies you want to relive the theater experience again. Be it nostalgia, wishing to show your kids a classic, or any other reason to have an epic showing of your favorite film, this will do perfectly. Our High Lumen projector is incredibly bright and features Full HD compatibility. This is paired with our large screen that is a 113” display or 136″ with an extra-large screen. This is the perfect set up for as large an audience as you would like to have. Finally, the event/outdoor speaker is our highest quality speaker and our loudest so for both quality and noise level, this is the best.

Rent a projector and screen for birthday movie night

This bundled package is perfect for an upcoming birthday celebration. If you have a Summer birthday, this is perfect for you. an outdoor movie night is an incredible amount of fun for everyone. It is a great way to relive the days of drive in theaters, or to just sit under the stars with a great flick. If you have a birthday in a colder time of the year, this is still a great option for a birthday. Just have an indoor movie night instead and treat it like your own home theater! Additionally, this is an incredibly easy package to set up and it will be an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.

Projector and screen rental for an outdoor movie night

Just like for a birthday, this is a great way to spend a date night or just as a fun way to spend a night during the warmer months. It is incredibly easy to set up with a couple of extension cords and it will be an unforgettable night of watching great movies under the night sky.

Projector Specifications

Brightness (lumens)4700-5000
Contrast Ratio3,000:1
Image Size (in.)24″ – 300″
Throw Distance (m.)1.5 – 9.2 m
Throw Ratio (D:W)1.40:1 – 2.10:1
Native resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Possible Projector Models:Viewsonic PJ800HD

Optoma EH500