Conference AV Start Package

The Ultimate Vancouver AV Conference Package

The Conference Package we offer is the best conference bundle rental in Vancouver. We offer all the required equipment for the most professional and clean looking conference. It includes our large screen that will be great for the big crowd. Additionally, this will be paired with our high-lumen projector. It is incredibly bright with 5000 lumens and features a 1080p resolution. This will make the most perfect picture for your event.

Audio is as well important for conferences so this package includes our best speakers. The event/outdoor speakers that have the best audio quality of any of of our speakers. As well, this package comes with speaker tripods to give an overall more professional look and lets the speakers perform their best. Finally, this package includes a set of two wireless handheld microphones.

Just like all of our other audio-visual packages, the professional conference package has all required wires, connectors, and adapters included in the price.

Conference Package Includes:

  • High Lumen Projector – 1080p resolution
  • Large Screen – 80″ x 80″
  • 2 Event/Outdoor Speaker
  • 2 Speaker Tripods
  • Set of Two Wireless Handheld Mics



Professional audio visual services for conferences

Vancouver Projector Rentals is proud to offer amazing services to conferences all over Vancouver. So, we are very proud to be offering this comprehensive conference package. It is everything you will be needing for a professional and perfect conference. The speakers, projector, screen, and mics are all the best that we have in stock. You will not be disappointed and it is an incredibly easy package to set up. If you need any help though, Vancouver Projector Rentals offers technician services to set up and tear down equipment. Please inquire with us at +1 (604) 243 3356 or [email protected] for more info on technician services.

Rent projector, screen, speaker and wireless mic for conferences

This is the whole package. It is the projector that is needed for the powerful visuals. In addition to the amazing visuals, it as well has the microphone and speakers for your amazing audio set up. This package is everything that you need and it will be awesome for your event. As well, It is a relatively easy set up to connect all of this equipment together.

AV equipment rental for large conferences

In addition, if you are looking for more equipment for larger conferences we can offer our services for this as well. We have all sorts of equipment such as trussing, staging, lighting, and all other kinds of equipment for your kind of event. To learn more, please email us or call us to get into contact with one of our customer service representatives and we can begin to make your perfect conference come to life.