Vancouver Projector Rentals provides customers like you with high-quality audio-visual equipment rentals and customer service with all the excellence and expertise you could want. If you are planning a party, why not enhance the experience by using one of our projectors and take your party game to the next level?

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Party Projector Audio-Visual Packages

After a while, party planning can seem monotonous and it is easy to find yourself in a party planning rut. For your next gathering, add a new element that will impress and entertain your guests. Rent a projector with one of our party packages. We have a large selection of audio-visual equipment that you can check out on our Projector Rental and Projector Screen Rental pages or simply choose our Ultimate Projection Package.

The Ultimate Projection Package comes with a Full HD Projector (1080p resolution), more than 4000 lumens and a large Projector Screen (80″ x 80″ – 113″ diagonally). Better yet, when you rent a projector for your party the projector screen is included for free!

Our projector screens are available in five different sizes:

  • Extra Small – 50″ x 50″ (71″ diagonally) – Good for use with our General Use Projectors.
  • Small Screen – 60″ x 60″ (85″ diagonally) – Good for use with our General Use Projectors, 720p.
  • Medium Screen – 70″ x 70″ (99″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p Projector.
  • Large Screen – 80″ x 80″ (113″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p, 1080p, High Lumen, and 4K projector.
  • Extra Large Screen – 96″ x 96″ (136″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p, 1080p, High Lumen, and 4K projector.

No matter the size, the projector screens are easy to set up because they each include tripod stand.

We, of course, provide all cables and adaptors that you may need to connect a projector to your computer or gaming system.


AV Game Party Rental Package

Speaking of gaming systems, have you ever tried using a projector for gaming to play on a big Projector Screen? Sounds amazing, right? You and your gaming buddies could experience your quest favourites in a new and immersive way.

Our selection of Full HD projectors is able to connect to Xbox, PlayStation (ps4) or other video game systems that you may have, and promise to provide you with high-quality screen play visuals for your game night. You also can check out our High Lumen Projector if you want to play video games outside with your friends or check out our 4k Projector for an UNFORGETTABLE, high-quality image.

Tight on space? We’ve got an audio-visual solution for that. It’s our Short Throw projector! Specifically designed to create large projected images from a close range, this 1080p Short throw projector for gaming will give you an amazing and huge Full HD projection even if your video game party is in a tiny studio apartment.

AV Movie Party Rental Package

Renting a projector for movie party is a great idea to set a unique atmosphere for you and your friends. We always recommend starting with a Full HD projector at 1080p resolution with 3000 lumens, because it is sure to provide you with an amazing and clear image. Plus, a large projector screen is included with your order as well as a tripod for easy setup. If you plan to take your movie night outdoors, we suggest using our High Lumen HD Projector, which comes with 4000 to 5000 lumens at 1080p.

Going for a more cinematic feel? Maybe you’re having a movie marathon for your favorite franchise. If you want to impress your friends and enjoy the highest quality image, we recommend our 4k Projector which offers 4K cinema quality images in your own home. The movies will be become immersive. Their images will be large and clear with excellent color depth and striking contrast; all you need now is to make the popcorn! Our 4k Projector works best with a large projector screen (80”x80”).


AV Birthday Party Rental Package

What about giving your birthday party a more personal touch by showing your guests the special moments you’ve shared together throughout your life? Using our projectors for a birthday slideshow is a wonderful way to bring everyone together and add a touch of nostalgia to your celebration.

For your birthday party, we recommend using our Full HD projector with 1080p resolution and 3000 lumens. This projector offers amazing image quality, and is an awesome and inexpensive way to make your party memorable. Our package also includes a large projector screen with a tripod stand.

And if you want to do your celebration outdoors? No problem. We have projectors and screens that fit your needs.

Contact us for more information, and let our excellent customer support team help you find the best audio-visual solution for your party.


AV Wedding and Family Reunion Rental Package

At VPR, we believe that weddings aren’t about the fancy dress, the décor or the cake. It’s about the people you are sharing the day with. So why not show off your most cherished moments of your life with all the people who helped you make it to your big day? Surprise your fiancé, friends and family with pictures and videos of the great memories you’ve shared by using one of our projectors. And include your more distant relatives in on the fun moments they didn’t know about.

On your big day, we recommend our 4k Projector because it offers the most impressive in quality of image and sound. We will also provide any cables and accessories you need to plug into your computer and give you a reliable connection.


We want our projector rentals to be the life of your party

At VPR we focus on understanding all of our customers’ needs to provide the best audio visual service possible. That doesn’t just mean equipment. When delivering customized audio video solutions for your event, we will strive to offer you the best possible customer service so you can worry less, and party more.


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