Vancouver Projector Rentals has been trusted to provide great audio-visual equipment rental services for weddings in British Columbia for over 8 years. At VPR, we know planning your wedding can be stressful which is why we focus on giving you all the support you may need to make your audio-visual features run smoothly and enjoy your moment. We can provide high-quality equipment and customer service so you can be worry free on the big day. We cater to your wedding by offering a variety of audio-visual equipment and packages to meet your needs for weddings large, small, traditional or eclectic.

We also know that not all weddings are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of audio-visual equipment and packages to meet your needs for weddings large and small, traditional and eclectic. Check out our rentals on our Projector Rental and Projector Screen Rental pages or go directly to our Wedding Projector Package below.

Our Wedding Projector Package comes with a Full HD Projector (1080p resolution) and a large Projector Screen (80″ x 80″ – 113″ diagonally).


Wedding Projector Rental and Setup

If you are looking to rent an inexpensive yet high-quality projector for your wedding ceremony and/or reception, contact us today! Tell us what you are looking for and we can walk you through all of the options we have to make your day perfect.

Now, let’s be honest. No matter how prepared you are for your wedding day, the excitement and stress is going to cause some distraction. So why not leave the technical stuff to us? We happily provide audio visual management service at a low price for all of our wedding packages. Trust us, with everything going on, you’re going to forget we are even there but that’s ok! We want your day to be perfect. Our team will assemble the projector and screen while you enjoy the celebration with your guests.

Our projectors have been used in weddings for photo slideshows, home movies and even best man speeches to the couple. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will help you find the best projector to create an unforgettable moment.

We also provide great audio equipment such as speakers and wireless microphones that can enhance your reception. They can be easily connected to a projector or if you have a DJ, they can link their audio to the projector.

We, of course, will provide you with all cables and adaptors that you may need to connect a projector to your slideshow source.


Wedding Projector Screen

When you are rent a projector with one of our wedding packages the projector screen is included for free!

Extra Small – 50″ x 50″ (71″ diagonally) – Good for use with our General Use Projectors.

Small Screen – 60″ x 60″ (85″ diagonally) – Good for use with our General Use Projectors, 720p.

Medium Screen – 70″ x 70″ (99″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p Projector.

Large Screen – 80″ x 80″ (113″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p, 1080p, High Lumen, and 4K projector.

Extra Large Screen – 96″ x 96″ (136″ diagonally) – Good for use with our 720p, 1080p, High Lumen, and 4K projector.

Plus, the projector screens come with a tripod stand for easy setup!


Projectors for your wedding reception

We have seen a lot of creative uses for our projector packages in wedding ceremonies. The most popular is featuring a slideshow of all the photos and videos of the couple. It shows all the guests and family the loving memories built up by the couple that led them to tie the knot. Featuring a slideshow with photos, your favourite songs and even loving notes during your reception is a great opportunity to surprise your new spouse and your guests.

Create a wedding slideshow that wows! – Contact us!

If you are not an expert in the video editing or slideshow creation, we are more than happy to help you out. We can create your slideshow to wow your audience and you will want to keep showing it for everybody even after the wedding! You should not hesitate to get a quote with us and give you this opportunity to work with VPR.

Take a look at the example we’ve made for you:

When it comes time for your big day, know that we are focused on understanding all of your needs to provide you with the best audio visual services. We don’t just want to deliver reliable, customized audio video solutions for your wedding, we also want to provide reliable customer service to make your day exactly how you want it.


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