The light-weight portable projection screen – traditional tripod design

  • Easy to carry, portable screen
  • Suitable for small or large venues in Abbotsford
  • Latch locking system allows multiple height adjustments for various aspect ratio settings
  • Keystone Eliminator
  • Integrated handle allows the screen to be easily carried

FREE PROJECTION SCREEN – All projector rentals in Abbotsford include projection screen

Projection Screens for rent in Abbotsford

Extra Small Projection Screen – $29

The perfect choice for a small group with limited space for a projection screen. Despite being an extra small screen you will find the  71″ diagonal viewable area to be satisfactory. The screen is self-contained and sits on its own tripod.

Extra small Projection Screen Rental
Small Projection Screen

Small Projection Screen – $39

When space is a concern, this small projection screen rental is the solution. It will fit in small rooms and will provide enough space for comfortable viewing for a group of up to 30-40 people. It can be easily set up and adjusted to different aspect ratios to fit your needs.

Medium Projection Screen Rental – $39

For a medium audience of 30-60 people, this medium portable, high gain projection screen will help your projector display a high quality picture output. This rental projection screen sits on a tripod and is very easy to set up.

Projection Screen Medium
Projection Screen Large

Large Projection Screen – $49

A portable, bright, highly reflective rental projection screen that will significantly improve the output of your projector. Get ready for a beautiful picture! This rental projection screen is very easy to set up and will fit in any car. Ideal for parties, weddings and business presentations with a large audience.

Extra Large Projection Screen – $59

The perfect choice when planning big events, conferences, fundraisers, weddings and much more. This extra large projection screen is spacious enough to showcase any large images you have for your presentation.

The projection screen comes with a tripod, allowing easy setup and teardown.

Your audience will be delighted with this screen.

96 Extra large Projector Screen rental
Projection screen skirt rental

Projection Screen Skirt – $20

This Projection Screen Skirt will dress up your screen making it look more professional, and clean.

The projector screen skirt can fit all sizes of screens from extra small to extra large.